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3/13/2009 Nevada 2009 QAP
Nevada has relaeased their 2009 QAP, see attached
3/12/2009 Georgia 2009 Application Workshop
The attached file contains all power point slides from Georgia's Department of Community Affairs 2009 Application Workshop.
3/12/2009 Florida releases draft 2009 QAP
Florida has released the 2009 Qualified Allocation Plan, attached.
3/9/2009 Georgia Announces Economic Investment Areas
Areas in Georgia elogible for additional points if they are located in Economic Investment Areas. The attached lists countys eligible for these points.
3/6/2009 New Jersey QAP
New Jersey has posted there proposed 2009 Qualified Action Plan. See attached.
3/2/2009 Indiana 2009-2010 QAP
Attached is the 2009-2010 Qualified Allocation Plan.
2/24/2009 Tennesee releases 2009 QAP and announces multifamily workshop and forum
THDA has released the 2009 Qualified Action Plan (QAP) Application attachments will be made available after the March 19th board meeting. A multifamily workshop and forum has been scheduled for April 1, 2009 in Nashville.
2/20/2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Provides Monies to buy Credits in Stalled Projects
Under the act Barack Obama signed into law the Federal Government has provided 2.25 Billion dollars to jump start the stalled LITHC market. The Federal government is distributing funds to individual State Housing Authorities. These funds are availa...(more)
1/28/2009 Indiana 2009 Applicant List
Attached is the applicant list for all projects requestion credit as submitted January 16th, 2009. A total of $41,373,349 in LIHTC funds was requested
1/9/2009 North Carolina 2009 LIHTC Prelimianry Applications

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